I am a graduate of the Restoration and Reconstruction of Ceramics and Glass at Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław, Poland. Apart from conservation works, I paint oil and metal paintings using fire. I also make ceramic sculptures and porcelain objects.

Individual exhibitions:  

  • Exodus, April 2014, Centre of Culture Bakara, Wrocław
  • Too heavy toys, May 2015, Centre of Culture Bakara, Wrocław
  • Exhibition in Pokutua Gallery,May 2015, Zduny
  • Everything, November 2015, Art Hotel Wrocław

Collective exhibitions:

  • Copy, Centre of Culture Agora, Wrocław 2012
  • Replication, Museum in Prudnik, Lower Silesia region, 2013
  • Conservation of Ceramics and Glass, Behind the glass Gallery, Wrocław 2013
  • From the beginning, Museum in Brzeg, Lower Silesia region, 2014
  • Again, Museum in Nysa, 2015



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